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Scholarships awarded for excellence

We provide a limited number of scholarships annually to encourage a spirit of excellence in academic subjects as well as other accomplishments such a community spirit and camaraderie amongst peers. Our aim is to help students identify their full potential.


In addition to our library we also have an extensive e-library which can be accessed by students from within the School as well as from home. Students use the e-library to prepare presentations of their work which also helps them to improve communication skills.

Green School Concept

We are committed to instilling the concept of sustainability in our students and staff. Students explore the concept of solar cells and storage of energy via hands on experience in our labs and also take up projects on recycling and waste management. We also encourage rain water harvesting.


The curriculum of Delhi Public World School Foundation adheres to the National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and the CBSE curriculum. The Foundation believes that the classroom experiences of children are to be organized in a manner that permits them to construct knowledge.

Principal's Message

At Delhi Public World School School the entire atmosphere is child-centric. Our earnest endeavour is to equip our students with skills required to adapt to the ever challenging and changing world.

According to us, the essence of education is to kindle the spark in a child & to keep it alive. We at Delhi Public World School School follow the Dipsite pedagogy system where we firmly believe in Dr Kalam’s ideology; that the education system should be such that it doesn’t wipe the smile off a child’s face. We aim at holistic development of a child’s personality and this is done through activities aimed at learning, emphasis on sports, extra circular activities and spiritual training. We inculcate in our students the basic qualities of respect, tolerance and humility, to sustain them for life. We firmly stand by the multiple intelligence system of learning where children are assessed for their innate qualities and nurtured to develop their true potential.

In this endeavour we have the unconditional support of our mentors, the Delhi Public World School Foundation and the School management. We have a dedicated and well trained staff who are ever eager to learn to provide our students the cutting edge. Our teaching staff is exposed to latest teaching methodologies by continuous professional development training. To make sure that they have the skills for all-round education of our children, regular workshops and seminars are arranged. Our non-teaching staff is trained to take complete care of the children. The School provides a safe and secure environment for holistic development of every child’s personality.

For us, parents are an integral part of our Delhi Public World School School family. Growth and development of a child is facilitated when parents and teachers work together towards a common vision. Without their support, our dream of a happy and well rounded child, ready to take on the challenges of the world, would just remain a dream.

I feel extremely proud to lead a School which even in its nascent stages has an extraordinary vision. This website has all the information you need to know about our School . Prospective parents are welcome to see our curriculum in action.


Delhi Public World School School Subhanpur is equipped with first rate infrastructure that complements the noble aims of its foundation. The ultra-modern campus comes with fully air-conditioned classrooms and an elegant designs that speaks for itself.